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On-boarding new hires:

Business Leadership Challenge
Your company value chain simulation

Critical to the successful integration of a new employees into the business is an understanding how your company works and the resources available to assist the new hires with their induction.

The Business Leadership Challenge simulation is designed to simulate your company’s value chain, business cycle, processes and policies in a way which accelerates the onboarding of new employees, so it is customised to your company and  industry, enhancing your onboarding program.

Styled and branded as a Business Leadership Challenge, this simulation can be run on-line 24/7 so new hires can take part anywhere, anytime – across time zones and regions. Running a simulation of this kind can be a real cost saving over bringing new hires to one central location for a ‘classroom’ based induction

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Learning outcomes

This simulation benefits:

 Fast-tracking of new hires into your business
 Gives in-depth understanding of how your business works and what drives business performance
 Brings down costs of induction
 A business simulation that engages and challenges
 Run entirely via cloud computing – can be run 24/7/365
Enhances existing onboarding program
 Can be run across regions & time zones
 Engaging, competitive and delivers a real measurable learning experience

Content & format

The Business Leadership Challenge is run on-lineManagers have a competitive situation for projects with these partners and have to manage projects successfully and profitably – ensuring that the commercial relationship is maintained.The simulation is designed to fast-track learning about company resources and processes in answer client company briefs and project managing solutionsManagers joining Firmenich in the Asia Pacific region: Singapore, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, etc, participate in the FBLC in teams of 5 over 7 week period, e.g. 200 people in 6 geographic locations across 3 time zones participating competitivelyThe simulation is designed to take participants through managing a contract successfully by taking them through the Firmenich business cycle / value chain.Teams have to make a series of project management choices – and give their reasons – which are scored  by the simulation and reviewed by senior manager mentors assigned to each team through the FBLC.There is a prize-giving and recognition awards ceremony is held at the end of each FBLC by video link.Who:
The Business Leadership Challenge simulation is designed for new hires coming into your company.What:
The simulation is run on-line via the BLC simulation portal. All resources are available on-line together with multi-media help.corp_onboard_product_imageParticipants work in teams of 5 and they manage a key project within your company which takes them through the business cycle. They are taken through a series of business cycle topics and have to make choices between optional courses of action and give their reasons.A team’s choices and their reasons for these choices are reviewed on-line by senior managers together with the team members to ensure learning outcomes.These choices are automatically scored by the simulation. Teams can see their scores – and the scores of other teams – each week.

A prize-giving and recognition ceremony can be arranged at the end of the programme

Team & mentor resources include:
A comprehensive team briefing, an explanation of decisions to be taken each week, time table for decisions and results, helpful hints & tips, on-line coach and email helpdesk.

How delivered:
This simulation is delivered by a combination of on-line participation and mentoring by senior managers. All resources are downloadable from the BLC website.

How long:
The BLC is generally run on two occasions per year over a 7 week programme with a prize giving and recognition ceremony at the end of the programme.

Simulation benefits:

 Fast-tracking of new hires into your business
 Gives in-depth understanding of how your business works and what drives business performance
 Engaging, competitive and delivers a real measurable learning experience


The Firmenich Business Leadership Challenge is a custom developed simulation for a client company based in the Asia Pacific region. On a bi-annual basis, 100 employees in 15 locations across 3 time zones participate in teams.Team members are mentored by experienced managers from the business to ensure learning outcomes.Simulation administration options:Option 1:
Turn-key service from Campus2Corporate / Learning Dynamics facilitators.Option 2:
The simulation administration portal can be managed by client HR personnel via easy-to-use interface.Please contact us for more information.Go to example website