This modular programme is designed to be interactive and experiential with the inclusion of simulations to meet the following specific needs:

Employer partners: Who have two needs – graduate induction programmes and on-campus corporate presentations – which can be jointly facilitated by the client company and the Campus2Corporate team and branded in the client company name.

University partners: Who want to help graduating students with the transition from a student to the workplace environment.

The Campus 2 Corporate Modular Induction Programme provides a solid foundation for the transition from ‘student’ to ‘professional’ and gives clarity about what skills and behaviours are expected of graduates entering the corporate world.


Companies Portfolio: Graduate attraction & development


Graduate Induction: Module 1

The first 30 days

Background to the C2C Modular Programme:

The need to coach students making the transition from university to corporate life is now well acknowledged by universities and employers alike. For example, the 2008 Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) survey shows:

55% of UK employers saying that a lack of employability skills, such as the ability to communicate well, poses a serious problem for businesses. A lack of other skills, such as a graduate’s ability to manage their own learning, problem solve and be self-motivated were also a concern.

Many employers find that graduates often lack the social skills necessary to fit into the corporate culture of their organisation.

In defence of graduates entering the workplace, many say that they were not given guidance as to what was expected of them in terms of their ‘employability’ and ‘social’ skills.

The Campus2Corporate programme provides clarity and social skills coaching about what is expected of graduates entering the corporate world.

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Learning outcomes

Self-Awareness: Being purposeful, focused, realistic and self-confident, being aware of ‘You the Employee Brand’.Social Awareness: Business relationships, business etiquette, diversity, work/life balance.

Corporate Awareness: Industry/market awareness, the corporate/graduate trainee psychological contract.

Career development: Willingness to learn, pro-activity, self-promotion, networking, planning for success.

Personal development: Being a team player & problem solver, managing your boss, communicating professionally (email, voicemail, social networks), managing your own well-being.

Content & format

Graduates and Apprentices as part of their induction into the workplace. Also suitable for universities looking to give their students a head-start in their recruitment process

The programme is designed to help graduates to:

• Understand the psychological contract between themselves and their employer i.e. ‘The unwritten
set of expectations between employer and employee regarding implicit rights and obligations
of each party’

• Examine the significance of the transition from ‘student’ to ‘professional’.

• Recognise and understand that this transition should drive changes in attitude and behaviour using
self-analysis and peer feedback to examine their personal style and professional ‘brand’.

• Develop their understanding of the perspective of others, how to manage conflict and build
successful working relationships.

• Develop a plan for working on aspects of themselves and some specific competencies that will help
in their future career success including performance management, teamwork and building a good
relationship with their line manager

How delivered:
This module is delivered by Campus2Corporate facilitators or by in-house Graduate Induction team using a licensed Campus2Corporate workbook, slides and DVD

How long:
This is a one day programme.

Business benefits:
Graduates and Apprentices who are aware of what is expected of them in terms of business/professional behaviour and the relationships they should aim to develop with their
colleagues and line manager in the first 30 days in their new role and beyond.


AON Apprentice Programme
In October 2012 Aon, the world’s largest insurance broker, recruited its first Apprentices into its UK operation.

Day 1, these Apprentices worked through this module during their induction in order to build their understanding of Aon’s expectations of them and their individual confidence and knowledge of professional workplace relationships.

Day 2 of the Apprentice induction was based on a one-day Learning Dynamics’ business simulation designed to develop commercial understanding and team-working skills.

Finance Leader Development Programme
When BAE Systems Finance division recruits graduates onto its Finance Leader Development Programme it expects these highly-selected graduates to take early personal responsibility and be motivated in developing their knowledge, skills and professional behaviour. Their first day of induction is based around a Campus2Corporate programme designed to fast-track their understanding of what is expected of them as a FLDP graduate. Two further days of their first week involve business simulations designed and delivered by Learning Dynamics.

RBS Graduate Induction
RBS wanted to create a common level of understanding of business/professional behaviour and performance expectations across graduate intakes in Group Functions, Retail, Business Services and Global Banking and Markets. A one-day programme was designed and delivered using a Campus2Corporate workbook for each participant, a C2C slide presentation and individual and
team-based exercises.