“This is the best, tried and tested simulation around for developing commercial awareness and putting business theory into practice.”

Mat Westcott, Royal Bank of Scotland


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Business Management Experience +simulation

This popular business simulation offers participants the challenge to make all of the commercial and operational business decisions that impact on the performance of a business.

The Business Management Experience simulation is designed to enhance and develop business acumen demonstrated when participants become the board of directors of a manufacturing company.

The simulation is typically included as part of our employer partners’ graduate induction programmes

The challenge is: Which team can run their company most profitability and have the highest stakeholder index?

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Learning outcomes

Capabilities developed by the Business Management Experience simulation: Improvement of commercial awareness
 Improvement of financial knowledge
 Appreciation of team-working and decision-making by consensus
 Enables implementation of management ideas in a risk-free environment

Content & format

The Business Management Experience + is designed to build commercial awareness and business acumen in graduates who have recently entered their first career role, so it is highly suitable for graduate development programmes.Graduates are put into teams of up to 5 members and are challenged to deliver maximum profit while managing their stakeholders effectively. The competitive element engages everyone who participates while their understanding of how business decisions impact on business performance builds week by week.What:
Activities for participants
Understand current financial position of the simulated business
Develop a pricing, manufacturing and marketing strategy
Work in cross-functional teams to reach consensus and make decisions
See impact of decisions on financial measures and customer satisfaction
Implement pricing, manufacturing and marketing decisionsBusiness Benefits
Participants see their workplace business decision making in a broader context
Participants see how their own business decisions impact on the performance of their company

Team decision-making
Questions teams should be asking themselves are:
What markets should we be in? What is happening to them? How should we compete in them?
How do decisions in each function / area impact on the rest of the business?
How are our competitors achieving success?
How are we measuring our success and how is this impacting on our decision-making?

How delivered:
This simulation is delivered on-line via the BME portal with all resources including team briefings being downloadable from the C2C website. Team decisions and results are also submitted and reviewed via the BME on-line portal.

A comprehensive team briefing, an explanation of decisions to be taken each week, time table for decisions and results, helpful hints & tips, on-line coach and email helpdesk

How long:
Run over 5 weeks with decisions each week.

Live Event alternative:
As an alternative to on-line delivery, the simulation can be run live over one day, facilitated by either C2C or by the HRD team if preferred.

Simulation benefits:

 Improvement of business and commercial awareness
 Improvement of financial knowledge
 Team working and leadership
 Understanding of how decisions in one part of the organisation impact on another and the overall   performance of the business


The Business Management Experience simulation is included in graduate induction programmes by a number of C2C clients including:

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