“We have included the BME in a second year module over the past three years for 10 course credits. It really helps put taught theory into practise and helps develop core work skills.”

Helen Smith, Dundee Business School,
Abertay Dundee University


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Employability Experience:

Business Management Experience Simulation

The Business Management Experience simulation is designed to enhance and develop business acumen demonstrated when participants become the board of directors of a manufacturing company.

Students can bring business theory and practice together with this tried and tested on-line simulation.

The simulation can be run as part of curricular course work or as a extra-curricular activity. It is designed for easy inclusion into course modules at 10 credit level and is mapped against employability skills employers are looking for.

It is included in the HEAR by those universities using it.

The challenge is: Which team can run their company most profitability and have the highest stakeholder index?

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Learning outcomes

• Adaptability: gives an opportunity for team members to adopt different roles
• Financial literacy: understanding profit & loss account, balance sheet, trading statement, &   interpreting results
• Effective communication: encourages articulation of ideas
• Information literacy: able to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the needed information
• Collaboration: encourages co-operation with others to achieve a common purpose
• Self-awareness and development: helps identify personal strengths and growth areas
• Career development: identifies interests, abilities, values and transferable skills and how they
can impact on career decisions

Content & format

The BME simulation comes in two versions:
BME In-curricular version:

This is designed for easy inclusion into a course module at 10 credit level. It helps put taught theory into practice and helps develop core workplace and enterprise skills.

BME Extra-curricular activity:
This is a shorter version ideal for extra-curricular enterprise day activities to give students across disciplines the experience of running a manufacturing company. It can be run competitively thus building team-working skills and business acumen.

Participants work in teams of 5 and they run a medium-sized manufacturing company.

Team Resources include:
A comprehensive team briefing, an explanation of decisions to be taken each week, time table for decisions and results, helpful hints & tips including explanation of financial terms, email helpdesk.

Educator resources:
An introductory slide presentation, notification of weekly team results, team mentoring guidance, telephone helpdesk.

How delivered:
This simulation is delivered by a combination of on-line and email. All resources are downloadable from the C2C website, results uploaded by email and results sent by email.

How long:
Run over 5 weeks with decisions each week.

Live Event alternative:
As an alternative to on-line delivery, the simulation can be run live over one day, facilitated by either C2C or by university educators if preferred.

Simulation benefits:

 Embedding of classroom learning
 Improvement of commercial awareness
 Improvement of financial knowledge
 Appreciation of team-working and decision-making by consensus
 Enables experiential learning in a risk-free environment


The Business Management Experience simulation be included by the course team as supporting a curricular module for course credits or can be run as a extra-curricular event / activity by the employability / enterprise / or careers departments.

Curricular courses:

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University of Abertay – Dundee Business School and Sheffield University Management School include the BME in curricular course work at 10 credit level.

The learning outcomes have been mapped for the HEAR academic record, section 4.

The BME on-line login page can be customised with your university logo and course module name.


Extra-curricular activity:


Plymouth University Leadership Development & Enterprise is using the BME for enterprise days to develop an awareness to employability skills for students across faculties.

The BME learning outcomes have been mapped for the HEAR section 6.1


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